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Integrating Front - Middle - Back Office operations expertise with the art and science of consulting to develop institutional-quality infrastructure necessary for growth.


Extensive Network

Cost and
Time Efficient


Focus on Client Service

Leadership team, Advisory Board and Core Consultants provide a diversified mix of buy-side, sell-side and consulting experience. 

DNA takes a holistic approach to
diagnose and solve client challenges.

Client Service is not an afterthought;
it’s part of our firm’s “DNA”.


DNA cares deeply about truly understanding entrepreneurs in their pursuit to build strong businesses and is not satisfied until each of its client’s expectations have been exceeded.

Relentless focus on cost control and efficiency emanating from DNA’s own streamlined processes and its flexible organizational structure.


DNA is able to provide clients with
top-tier output at competitive pricing.

Vast network of C-Suite, operations, technology & Cooperative Company professionals, cultivated over the varied careers of DNA’s principals and senior advisors.

DNA deploys flexible teams of experts at any level that emphasize client choice and control.

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